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An Overview of Premises Liability (Property-Owner Liability) Law in Texas

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The word “premises” is a legal term that means: piece or pieces of real property and any structures on that property. Premises liability is the liability, or responsibility, that property possessors have for injuries that happen to people on their property. If you are injured on someone else’s property, the law allows you to recover money damages for your injuries. These cases can be fairly straightforward, and at the same time if you have been hurt you need a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer fighting for you and your rights. Premise Labially Attorney San AntonioAlso visit this website please

Premises liability law exists to protect people from getting hurt on other people’s property due to dangers – both hidden and obvious. The typical premises liability case is when a person slips-and-falls on a banana peel at a grocery store. In a case like that, the person who was injured can recover financial compensation for their injuries from the grocery store. Modern developments in the law now give property possessors and owners some new protections that did not exist in years past. If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, call the injury lawyers at Our Attorney Law Offices. The law gives you the right to legally compel the negligent party to compensate you, and at Our Attorney Law Offices we can enforce your rights under the law.

Liability for What?

The basic principle of premises liability law is that people and companies have an obligation to keep their properties safe for everyone. If a dangerous condition on a property injures you, the law can force the person using the property (“the possessor”) to compensate you for your medical bills, lost income from work, and other expenses.

For example, those living in homes are generally responsible for keeping the sidewalks in front of their homes free of snow and ice. If you slip and fall due to an icy sidewalk, you may be able to bring a legal claim for your injury against the property’s possessor and potentially the property’s owner, too. Personal Injury attorney

Who is Liable?

The possessor and owner of the property might be the same, and they might be different, as in the case of a retail store (such as Target or Walmart) that rents its store space from a commercial landlord. Premises liability is normally assigned to the person or party who possesses the property on which the victim is injured. In other words, the person who uses the property you are injured on is liable to you for your injuries. So in the retail store example the store would be liable for your injuries and potentially not the landlord. However, many exceptions to these general rules exist, like when the landlord carelessly allows a dangerous condition to continue.

The property’s possessor and owner cannot escape their liability by assigning it to someone else. A grocery store that hires an independent cleaning crew to keep the store clean will be liable to someone who slips and falls in the store due to unclean conditions; and the cleaning company would likely be liable as well for its own portion of negligent conduct.

Status of the Plaintiff

The plaintiff’s status as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser determines the duty of care owed by the premises possessor/ property owner. What duties the property possessor owes to the injured person can vary widely depending on what the injured person is doing on the property. Other jurisdictions have disregarded these traditional distinctions altogether and instead focus on the reasonableness of the property possessor’s conduct. Ford and Laurel

Legal Help in Premises Liability Cases

Help is available to you if you have been hurt on someone else’s property or on a business’s property. Call Our Attorney Law Offices today; we can help. You can reach our offices at (210) 820-3434