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Motorcycle Accidents

Are you Injured in a motorcycle crash? Let our San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer help you to get medical compensation from Insurance companies. Contact our motorcycle accident lawyer in order to secure a valid consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents are Unique

In order to see how motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents, you only need to examine the damage – victims of motorcycle accidents usually sustain far greater damage and are fare more likely to be killed than victims of car wrecks. According to statistics released by the Texas Department of Transportation, 418 motorcycle riders died in wrecks in 2018, representing 16 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state, and another 6,913 motorcycle riders suffered serious injuries in wrecks. When motorcycles are involved in accidents in the state of Texas, two-thirds of the motorcycle riders involved suffer serious injury or death. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to understand why motorcycle riders face such danger when they are involved in wrecks – motorcycles simply lack the protection afforded to the drivers and passengers in standard motor vehicles. No matter how well a motorcycle is constructed, the vehicle just doesn’t provide an outer frame to protect the rider or any passengers.

The increased hazard caused by motorcycle wrecks changes the nature of the legal process to secure compensation. Injury claims from auto accidents can often be resolved through the insurance claims process without the need for a lawyer or a lawsuit. However, in motorcycle accidents, the injuries are more serious, and conversely costly, in nature, so insurance companies will be that much more likely to resist compensating the victim adequately. In many cases, the only way for a motorcycle accident victim to get the restitution he or she deserves is through the help of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney. If you don’t have the help of someone who has extensive familiarity with the compensation process, you are likely to be taken advantage of by the insurer and could settle for a settlement offer that is far less than you deserve.

Helping You Get Restitution

If you have been involved in a crash, you need a team of personal injury attorneys to get your claim processed, so you can cover your bills and take care of your loved one. Accident victims are not legal eagles, you shouldn’t try to do everything yourself, especially defend your case.

Ironically, the more damage you sustain in a wreck, the harder the insurance adjusters will attempt to deny your claim, so they can save more money for their company. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, they often have more success due to the prejudice involved. You have too much to lose in such a case to leave yourself unprotected against skilled and experienced insurance adjusters and defense attorneys. You need the help of a trial-tested motorcycle accident attorney to protect your rights and preserve your ability to be compensated. The only way to defeat experience is with experience. The attorneys at our law firm know how to make juries ignore their prejudices and respond to the facts of the case.

At our law firm, we’re sympathetic to the plight of the modern motorcyclist. We understand that most motorcyclists aren’t lawless members of some gang, but just normal people who enjoy riding their bikes down the highway for pleasure or saving a few bucks on gas as they commute around town. We know that most bikers are concerned for their own safety and that of others. However, we also know that you will need evidence to convince the jury that you were not at fault. The only way to find this evidence is through an extensive investigation conducted by a skilled professional. Then, you need a skilled attorney to use the evidence to force a favorable settlement or bolster it with expert testimony to sway the jury in your favor. No matter how much you deserve compensation, without the help of compelling evidence and a good lawyer, you’re not likely to receive the restitution to which you are entitled.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys In San Antonio, TX

When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in San Antonio, TX, or the Hill Country, you may be left wondering how you will afford to pay mounting medical expenses, particularly when you are not able to work. No one should have to pay the price for someone else’s negligence.

Our Law Firm knows how difficult it can be to ask for help, but this is the time to hold those responsible for the accident, so you are not left facing a bleak financial future. We want you to focus on your emotional and physical recovery; let us take care of your legal challenges, so you can get back to what matters most.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio
Who Can Be Held Liable For Your Injuries

Who Can Be Held Liable For Your Injuries?

Motorcycle accidents can happen for a number of reasons. If you are injured in a crash, you will need to determine who is at fault for your injuries. In most cases, reckless, distracted drivers will be responsible for causing most of the crashes. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in San Antonio will help you hold the negligent party accountable for your or your loved one’s serious injury, as well as negotiate with insurance companies. Medical records, police reports, and other important documents will be essential to understanding what happened and what compensation you may be entitled to.
In other instances, the motorcycle itself may be to blame if it had a defect that led to the accident occurring, for which the manufacturer may be the responsible party. Another possibility is that the roadway caused the wreck due to a defect in the road, such as uneven pavement or potholes. In this case, the state may be liable for injuries sustained.
Our experienced San Antonio motorcycle injury attorneys will evaluate your case to help determine what occurred and ensure that you and your family receive the full compensation you are entitled to for the harm and damages you have suffered.


What Damages Are You Entitled To?

When you’re dealing with piling medical expenses following a San Antonio motorcycle accident, you are likely wondering what damages you are entitled to receive. These are the costs associated with the harm caused by those responsible for the crash and are typically classed as special and general damages in the state of Texas.
Special damages may include past and anticipated medical expenses, lost earnings, property damage, and disability. Essentially, these are damages that can clearly be tied to the accident and injuries sustained, such as destruction of your property and physical harm to your body. General damages can be much more difficult to quantify and include things such as pain and suffering and mental anguish.
While there is no legal limit on damages that can be claimed, the amount you are entitled to will depend on several factors. Each case is different, as not everyone will suffer the same injuries, face the same amount of medical expenses, or miss the same number of days off work.
If you are unsure as to what damages you may be entitled to, speak to one of our skilled motorcycle accident attorneys to find out more. Our experienced lawyers know the law inside and out and will be able to determine what you are entitled to by reviewing your case in more detail..


Get An Experienced San Antonio Lawyer on Your Side

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s important that you speak to our skilled motorcycle accident attorneys as soon as possible. We know how insurance companies operate; they are only interested in keeping profits high and shareholders happy.

Never accept a settlement offer without speaking to our experienced motorcycle injury attorney in San Antonio, San Antonio accident attorneys will provide guidance on whether or not to accept a settlement offered by an insurance company. We know what Motorcycle injury claims are worth and won’t let our clients walk away with a low-ball offer.

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