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General Overview of Injuries and Death Caused by Automobile Defects and the Failure of Car Safety Features

For over 2 decades, our law firm has represented clients in the San Antonio area that have been injured in automobile accidents. Many of the accidents were the result of the automobile being defective. Automobile defects can occur in many different ways. This article will provide an overview on the common types of automobile defects.Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio

Air bags

In recent years, air bags have been a common defect in automobiles. Air bags are known to cause serious injuries or even death. However, air bags are never known to be defective until you are involved in an accident and then they fail to deploy or they deploy improperly. When air bags were designed for the automobile, they were designed to minimize the impact of the accident and to protect your body from being crushed into the steering wheel. But apparently, this wasn’t happening.

During the making of the air bag, no one considered that many people sit closer to the steering wheel while they drive or that children sit in the front seat. So when or if the air bag did deploy, the impact was 10 times worse and adults were suffering head and chest damages and children were instantly being killed. Due to the increase of accidents caused by the defective air bags, children are no longer allowed to sit in the front seat until they research a certain age.


We all know that tires are one of the most important components on an automobile. Without tires, then the car cannot move. However, when we buy a car we are expecting that the tires on the car to have been properly balanced and rotated; or when we buy new tires we expect them to be safe. Sometimes, this is not always the case. Thousands of tires are being recalled regularly because manufactures are neglecting their duty to keep them maintained. People are having car accidents because the tires are blowing out in the middle of the highway. The treading of the tires are separating and falling off the rim or the tires themselves were not properly mounted on the rim. Whatever the case may be, many people are suffering from injuries due to the defect of tires.


Brakes are also a very important component on an automobile. Brakes are used in the automobile to allow the car to stop or slow down. Sometimes brakes can fail without warning. Brakes can be defective because the brake pads were worn out, the brakes were installed improperly, the brake lines were rusty or the brakes lines were leaking. Any of these and more can cause a major accident.

Accidents that are caused by automobile defects do not always involve your automobile. You can also be injured by someone else’s automobile that had a defect. If you have been involved in accident that was due to an automobile defect then call our office more information. Allow us to assess your case and provide you with the legal representation that you need. Contact our office to receive a free consultation. Or visit this website