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If Your Child has Been Injured in an Automobile Accident, You Need Experience on Your Side

A sad reality is that our children are vulnerable to injuries every time we buckle them in our cars or allow them to ride in a vehicle operated by another. This fact rings true regardless of the safety rating our vehicles are assigned by the NHTSA, how big our SUV is, the number and location of airbags, or if they’re in a car seat specially molded for their bodies. Simply put: try as we may, we can’t always control or anticipate the injuries our children suffer in a car accident.san antonio personal injury lawyer Please visit this Website

However, you can control which attorney you hire on your child’s behalf in redressing their injuries from an auto accident. As a parent, your child needs you to advocate on their behalf, and the decision you make regarding who represents them can affect the rest of their life. You should consult the attorneys at Grossman Law Offices if your child has been injured in an auto accident for the same reason you may have purchased a particular safety seat or stroller: they are dependable, trustworthy, and will work hard to fulfill the purpose for which they were obtained.

You Child’s Long-Term Needs Must be Considered When Seeking Damages or Negotiating a Settlement.

When considering injuries suffered by your child, it’s important to keep an eye on future medical needs that arise due to the car accident. Failure to negotiate a sufficiently large settlement or award in court may negatively affect your child for years to come because recovery for your child’s injuries can only be obtained once. Your child’s injuries and future medical needs may be complex and expensive, requiring the opinions of numerous medical and economic experts. You should be aware that failure to obtain a sufficiently large award might also hurt your wallet, as you are obligated to pay for your child’s medical expenses when recovery from the responsive driver in the auto accident is inadequate. This figure is often difficult to calculate, as complications and additional injuries are not easily known or foreseeable. Thus, retaining an attorney experienced with representing children injured in car accidents is vital to securing maximum recovery and ensuring that your child’s long-term needs are covered.

You should also note that because you are the party responsible for hiring an attorney on your child’s behalf, a court might insist that an attorney ad litem be appointed for your child. This is a common practice by courts, with the purpose of ensuring that your child’s best interests in recovering from the auto accident are represented and that the attorney you’ve retained on your child’s behalf is not actually unfairly representing you instead of your accident attorneys san antonio

Be Aware That Child Car Accident Attorneys Address Injuries That Occur Outside of the Vehicle

Many children are curious by nature. Because of this, they often explore and like to “investigate” things. A problem sometimes occurs when a car is left unlocked and the keys are stored inside. The internet is full of stories of children who found keys in an unlocked car and decided to go for a joy ride. People who leave their vehicles unlocked and the keys inside should be aware that they might be liable for all damages the child causes under the attractive nuisance doctrine. Thus, if your child is in a car accident while operating the vehicle of another, the owner of that vehicle might be strictly liable for any damages caused in the wreck. However, you should also keep in mind that, depending on their child’s age, you might also be partially liable for the damages your child causes as parents have a limited duty to supervise their children.

Tragically, many children are also killed or injured every year by inattentive drivers backing out of their driveway, another type of auto accident. All drivers have a duty to exercise a certain degree of care while operating their vehicle, including backing out of their driveway or from a parking spot. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes fail to exercise ordinary care in operating their vehicle in reverse and kill or injure unsuspecting children as a result. While these tragedies can often be avoided, a smart and experienced auto accident attorney is needed to secure maximum compensation from the negligent driver.

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Your Child Needs an Attorney Experienced With Representing Injured Children

If your child has been injured in an auto accident, it is in both your and your child’s best interest to hire a car accident attorney with a proven track record of success in obtaining the maximum recovery possible for your child’s injuries. The attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have successfully represented injured children for over 20 years and have the unique combination of skill and expertise required to ensure that your child’s rights are fairly represented. Please contact our office for a free consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at our website