Frequently Asked Questions – Motor Vehicle Accident

Frequently Asked Questions – Motor Vehicle Accident

The Blackman Legal Group has 26 years of experience helping injured people recover physically and financially from motor vehicle accidents. We know that when an accident happens, you may find yourself wondering what to do and who to trust. Our attorneys are ready to help. If you have questions, please contact us.Personal Injury Attorneys San Antonio

Questions you may have when involved in an accident include:

When should I seek medical care?

Although you may think you feel fine right after a serious accident, you should seek medical attention promptly. People will often find that rather than feeling better 12-24 hours after an accident, they feel much worse. Waiting to get treatment or trying to “tough it out” will only hurt your chances of making a full medical and legal recovery. When you see the doctor, you should be sure to explain exactly what your injuries or complaints are. Do not try to minimize your injuries or symptoms. You will be giving insufficient information to your medical providers, making it much more difficult for them to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Which doctor should I see?

If you are seriously injured you will be brought to the appropriate emergency medical provider for immediate treatment. If you have been hospitalized you will need to follow the advice of the doctors who are caring for you. When you are able to, you should contact us so we can assist you in arranging for and coordinating your ongoing medical care.

How long should I continue to seek medical care?

You should continue to seek medical care for as long as you are […]

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Child Injured in a Car Accident

Child Injured in a Car Accident

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers » Child Injured in a Car Accident

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If Your Child has Been Injured in an Automobile Accident, You Need Experience on Your Side

A sad reality is that our children are vulnerable to injuries every time we buckle them in our cars or allow them to ride in a vehicle operated by another. This fact rings true regardless of the safety rating our vehicles are assigned by the NHTSA, how big our SUV is, the number and location of air bags, or if they’re in a car seat specially molded for their bodies. Simply put: try as we may, we can’t always control or anticipate the injuries our children suffer in a car accident.san antonio personal injury lawyer Please visit this Website

However, you can control which attorney you hire on your child’s behalf in redressing their injuries from an auto accident. As a parent, your child needs you to advocate on their behalf, and the decision you make regarding who represents them can affect the rest of their life. You should consult the attorneys at Grossman Law Offices if your child has been injured in an auto accident for the same reason you may have purchased a particular safety seat or stroller: they are dependable, trustworthy, and will work hard to fulfill the purpose for which they were obtained.

You Child’s Long-Term Needs Must be Considered When Seeking Damages or Negotiating a Settlement.

When considering injuries suffered by your child, it’s important to keep an eye towards future medical needs that arise due to the car accident. Failure to negotiate a sufficiently […]

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Three Ways a Personal Injury Case is Defended

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers » Three Ways a Personal Injury Case is Defended

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Common Arguments Used by the Defense to Lower the Value of Your Claim

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There are a number of different ways that a defendant can attempt to limit the success of your lawsuit, and these are called defenses. Our Law Offices, has dealt with a great many of cases and our attorney has identified some of the common ways that a case can be defended.Personal Injury attorney san antonio Please visit our website here

What Are the Common Ways a Case is Defended?

When you file suit against someone, you are known as the plaintiff and the person you are filing suit against is known as the defendant. The plaintiff has what is called the burden of proof, which means that they are responsible for proving the case. Naturally, since you are trying to accuse the defendant of doing something that is wrong, they go on the defensive. There are three main ways that our attorneys have identified that a defendant can use to defend a case: 1) the plaintiff fails on his own merits, 2) Ordinary defenses, and 3) Affirmative defenses.

The Plaintiff Can Fail on His Own Merits

The plaintiff has the burden of proof to show that the defendant is guilty of whatever the plaintiff is accusing them of. For example, if you got into a car accident and the defendant caused the crash you would be suing him in a negligence cause of action. Therefore, as the plaintiff you would have the burden of proof to […]

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San Antonio Premises Liability Lawyer

San Antonio Premises Liability Lawyer

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers » San Antonio Premises Liability Lawyer

An Overview of Premises Liability (Property-Owner Liability) Law in Texas

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The word “premises” is a legal term that means: piece or pieces of real property and any structures on that property. Premises liability is the liability, or responsibility, that property possessors have for injuries that happen to people on their property. If you are injured on someone else’s property, the law allows you to recover money damages for your injuries. These cases can be fairly straightforward, and at the same time if you have been hurt you need a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer fighting for you and your rights. Premise Labially Attorney San AntonioAlso visit this website please

Premises liability law exists to protect people from getting hurt on other people’s property due to dangers – both hidden and obvious. The typical premises liability case is when a person slips-and-falls on a banana peel at a grocery store. In a case like that, the person who was injured can recover financial compensation for their injuries from the grocery store. Modern developments in the law now give property possessors and owners some new protections that did not exist in years past. If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, call the injury lawyers at Our Attorney Law Offices. The law gives you the right to legally compel the negligent party to compensate you, and at Our Attorney Law Offices we can enforce your rights under the law.

Liability for What?

The basic principle of […]

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