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Every year, thousands of residents enjoy driving in Texas with either their 3-Wheeler, 4-Wheeler, UTV, or ATV. All-Terrain vehicles may seem like a lot of fun to operate, however, there are many risks associated with these types of large vehicles as well.

Around 135,000 accidents and 700 ATV related deaths occur every year in the United States. This figure is according to the latest study done by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.ATV accident attorneys

All-Terrain Vehicles are very large vehicles that can be very dangerous and cause severe injuries to the drivers and passengers of that type of vehicle. The reason why ATV vehicles are so risky to operate is that they lack any adequate safety features on the vehicle in order to protect its drivers and passengers. Some ATV vehicles are designed only for performance needs at the expense of safety precautions. If you or a loved one were injured in an ATV accident, then you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to recover from your injuries associated with the accident. If you or a loved were a victim of an ATV or UTV accident, then know that help is available. Call the experienced personal injury lawyers at our Law Offices today to see what type of litigation you can seek in your all-terrain vehicle accidents that you have experienced. Our attorneys at our Law Offices have 20 years of experience litigating all types of auto accident cases in and other cities in Texas. We have helped numerous families overcome the pain and suffering of experiencing an all-terrain vehicle accident by getting them the compensation they deserved.

The Yamaha Rhino

One example of an ATV vehicle is the Yamaha Rhino, which is designed with narrow wheelbases and narrow tracks. This vehicle is designed this way so that it can be easier for a driver to transport in the back of a pickup truck. Despite this feature, many people feel this design compromises the safety of its driver and passengers. The Yamaha Rhino has a high center of gravity and narrow wheelbase. Due to these features, this ATV is more likely prone to rollover accidents. The marketing department of the Yamaha ATV did not even mention the dangers of rollover accidents that this vehicle can cause. Instead, the marketing department highlighted this ATV’s agility in off-road circumstances, which is actually extremely dangerous with its unique and altered design. In summary, the Yamaha Rhino is one type of ATV vehicle that is exceedingly prone to rolling over.

The Yamaha Rhino is one example of an ATV that is designed without the driver’s safety in mind. Because of this flaw, ATVs such as this can cause severe injuries and accidents. Due to this risk, makers of the Yamaha Rhino and similar ATVs should be held liable if an injury or death occurs because of their oversight on providing standard safety measures.

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When you work with our Law Offices, our attorneys will conduct an in-depth investigation into your all-terrain vehicle accident and discover whether or not a dangerous product design contributed to your injury or to your loved one’s death. Our staff is dedicated to holding companies and manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles accountable and responsible for the type of products they make. We believe that injured consumers should seek the justice they deserve by getting the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries or loss associated with all-terrain vehicle accidents.

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